A Rockstar Press Pack

A Rockstar Press Pack

A press pack is a document containing information about your business, product or event.  They are mainly used at events and for launches as a package of information for journalists to help them write their story.

The whole point of a press pack is to catch the eye of a journalist and make them want to write an article or do an interview.  It should be a one-stop shop for all of the information journalists need.  In the digital age, some companies disregard the importance of a press pack which is sometimes called a media kit.  After all, everything people need to know about a business is on the website, right?

What some companies don’t realise is that media kits have a very specific focus and purpose beyond what a conventional website can convey.  Essentially, a press pack is a ‘packet full’ of information about your company.  Traditionally it is sent to journalists to encourage them to promote the company, but it can also be sent to current and potential clients.

Press pack’s usually consist of printed materials, but they can also be digitized into a PDF.  Let’s explore what to include in a media kit and then look at why it’s so important.

What’s in a Press Pack?

Press pack’s vary widely, but they might include any of the following data:

  • Contact details for company employees
  • Information about your company’s products and services
  • Information about your company’s history and mission
  • Press releases, explaining details of an upcoming event or product release
  • Images, including your company logo
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Reports of your company’s sales and statistics
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Lists of notable clients

You can customise your media kit to meet the needs of who you’re sending it to.  For example, if you’re sending it to a journalist, you could include contact details for employees they could interview.  If you’re sending it to a potential client, you could send samples of your product or a list of prices.  Making the base of the media kit evergreen you begin the process of turning the kit into a “Look Book.”  Additional pages or personal letters can compliment the piece to help better target your audience.

Why Is a Press Pack So Important?

There are many benefits to a press pack that set it apart from a website and other advertising tools.

It Gives You Control

If you don’t provide adequate information about your company, reporters and clients will come up with their own assumptions about it.  A press pack gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you want to be seen. It also gives your audience a detailed description of exactly what you offer. It allows you to control the message.

It Saves Time

When you take on a new client, he or she will likely have lots of questions about your products or services.  Rather than spending hours answering questions, you can present all your company information through your press pack.

It Helps You Promote a Specific Product or Event

If you’re holding a public event or launching a new product, you want to get that information out to the media. By sending journalists a press pack, they’ll have all the information they need to write an article or advertisement.

It Promotes the Launch of a New Company

If you’re just opening your doors as a company, you want to let people know what you’re all about. Sending your media kit is a simple way to give people all the facts they should know about your business.

It Explains Company Processes

A detailed, step-by-step process of how you help clients may be overwhelming in a website setting, where people just want to browse different pages. In a press pack for a new client, this explanation is essential.

It Helps You Bring On More Customers

Perhaps the most important reason behind having a press pack is that it can attract new customers. The information from your press pack can attract attention from potential customers who wouldn’t otherwise hear about your business.

It Increases Client Confidence

Thorough information in a press pack gives customers confidence that you’re experienced and you know how to take care of them.

Some other options to consider.

Perhaps not as vital but you may also want to think about:

Testimonials from clients or customers

Your happy customers are your best marketing. Use your best testimonials to demonstrate your credibility.

Annual report

If your business is in a field where journalists are interested in your annual reports, make sure you attach one for easy reference.

Other interesting facts

Outline anything else the business/person is up to that journalists may find interesting. Remember, journalists are always looking for interesting angles, so make their work easy for them.

Samples of your product

If you create products, send the journalist samples of your product along with your media kit, so they can try out your products for themselves.

Recent news coverage

If you have recently appeared in the news or other publications, make mention of this to increase your social proof and credibility.

Where to send your media kit?

Just as with sending out press releases and media pitches, knowing when and where to send your kit is crucial.  Before sending it out to everyone in the media, spend time researching publications and media outlets to know which ones are most likely to cover your company.

You want to include a personalised email to each journalist to introduce yourself, the company and explain what the media kit is for.  This will help you to make a connection with the person you’re trying to reach, rather than sending them the exact same media kit you may be sending 100 other journalists.

If you do choose to include a product sample be aware some media outlets have rules surrounding accepting gifts.  If you’re not sure, contact the outlet before you send the kit and don’t make the gifts too extravagant.  Media kits don’t need to be used all of the time, but sometimes they do have their place in the world of public relations.

At Rockstar Media we can create the perfect press pack for any size of business.

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